Teem Photonics UV laser sources are setting up new standard for transparent biological media processing. Thanks to their intrinsic short sub-ns pulse nature, they allow producing controlled and highly repeatable linear and non-linear interactions with minimal energy level, but a maximum value for money for the customers.

The UV (355nm) PicoFlash™ or infra-red (1064nm) PicoSpark™ are welcomed as a breakthrough technology in the biomedical market, offering a compact and cost effective alternative to femtosecond lasers for eye surgery.

Additionally, the compact package and low power consumption of microchips lasers already paved the way for integrated biological analysis solutions like micro-dissection or multi-photon analysis.




Suitable Laser Devices  for biomedical applications
λ in nm ProductPulse Energy Rep Rate Pulse Width 
1064   SNP-50F >4µJ >45kHz <750ps
1064   HNP-50F >100µJ >45kHz <750ps
532   SNG-03E >3µJ >5kHz <750ps
355   SNV-05P >0.5µJ >5kHz <600ps
355   XNV-130F >5µJ >130kHz <1ns
266   SNU-02P >0.3µJ >6kHz <600ps


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