Transparent material processing

Glass, sapphire, polymers: it is not because your substrate is transparent that it has to be difficult and costly to process. Thanks to their naturally short sub-ns pulse width and high peak power, you get a pocketful of cost-effective options within Teem Photonics portfolio.

UV (355nm) Powerchip™ can bulk mark your pieces without any micro-cracks, in a repeatable and long-lasting way: an ideal choice for traceability and anti-counterfeit application.
DUV (266nm) Powerchip™ will be an interesting low cost-of-ownership alternative for your excimer laser refurbishment.
PicoFlash™ and PicoSpark™ series will make the best out of their high repetition rate, high peak power output to gently machine thin glass plates with high resolution down to micron scale.



Suitable Laser Devices  for transparent media processing applications
λ in nm ProductPulse Energy Rep Rate Pulse Width 
532   PNG-M04005 >40µJ <500Hz <400ps
532   HNG-50F >60µJ >45kHz < 650ps
355   STV-01E >1µJ <4kHz <400ps
355   PNV-M02510 >25µJ <1kHz <350ps
355   XNV >5µJ >130kHz <1ns
266   PNU-M01510 >15µJ <1kHz <350ps


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